About Us

Who We Are

Growing, Dynamic and Expanding organization in International Trade dealing with Non-Ferrous Metals as specialty, while intensively engaged in Steel Products, Raw Materials in Middle East, Near East, Far East, EU & Indian Subcontinent regions.

We at Metcore believe in trust, relationship & symbiosis as foundation of our business, whereby customers’ satisfaction and reliability forms the integral part of our policy and practices at all stages of conceptions, executions and operations.

METCORE International DMCC is a part of diversified Group with over 20Years of regional presence with solid background in Metals and Non-Ferrous Trade, Distributions and Supply-Chain activities.

Our competitive strength lies in Non-Ferrous Products: Zinc(Zn) Ingot mainly High Grade, SHG Zinc , Lead(Pb) Ingot, Aluminum(Al) Ingot / Sows / T-Bars , Tin(Sn) Ingot, Secondary Aluminium in the form of Tiles & Bricks , Nickel(Ni) & Copper(Cu) Cathodes, Cadmium(Cd) Ingot, Lead Concentrate & Zinc Concentrate.

Strong connection with producers  & distributions facilities, backed with strong experienced Team, Financial Platform – we are able to deliver products and extend our value-added services to Industrial Customers in our business area.

Our Strength

“Highly professional & trained team with avid experience of Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals and Minerals in Trading and logistics.”

METCORE is focused on sourcing and marketing of Metals & Minerals. We act in accordance with our commitments and values and provide quality products and services after sales to our customers.

METCORE strives for excellence in Quality, Services and Satisfaction in everything…

Our Vision

To be one of the most admired & leading company in our Industry.

Our Mission

Relationship, Loyalty for Mutual Business