Cadmium Ingots

Cadmium Ingots

Product Description

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  • March 5, 2016

Property: Cadmium Ingots (99.95% purity)

A bluish-white soft metal having a density of 8.63 g/cc and a low melting point of 321 degC.  It is malleable and ductile, and although toxic, cadmium and its compounds possess some unique properties that confer corrosion resistance and strength to certain metals.

Cadmium’s electronic characteristics are applied in batteries and solar cells.

The main supply is as a by-product from electrolytic zinc production.

Typical Analysis:

Cd % MIN 99.95 %
Pb (ppm) MAX 112
Zn (ppm) 66
Ni (ppm) 19
Fe (ppm) Less than10