Remelted Lead

Remelted Lead

Product Description

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  • November 6, 2016

Property: Remelted Lead ingots (97% min Pb)

Lead material is very easy to recycle and it can be remelted any number of times, and provided enough processes to remove impurities are performedRemelted Lead Ingots are being produced from Raw Lead/ Battery Scraps / Lead Scraps and other scraps of Lead.

Remelted Lead Ingots has purity ranging from 97 – 99 %. Remelted Lead Ingots comes in different weight, e.g. 25 Kg, 27 Kg, 30 Kg and more.

Uses: Remelted Lead Ingots are used for manufacturing Automobile Batteries used for making Pure Lead Ingots as well.

Typical Analysis:

Pb Zn Sn Cu Sb Bi Ag Cd As Ni Fe Se Te
97.0 0.0004 0.146 0.047 2.60 0.0083 0.0023 0.0019 0.195 0.0056 0.0003 0.0006 0.0012